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Calathea Leopardina is commonly referred to as the shadow plant. Growing in the dense tropical rainforests of South America, it only grows to around 60cm tall. This beautiful little house plant thrives indoors and is one of our shade-tolerant plants, ideal for those who are new to plant parenthood.

- they don't mind the shade and are best kept in bright, indirect sunlight.

-It can also handle temperatures as low as 12°C, although it likes it best around 15-23°C.

-Water little and often, only when the soil has dried out completely. Mist your Calathea regularly if they aren't in a humid room, especially if you notice its leaves curling.

-If the leaves are dropping, give it a good drink of water, but when you see some yellow spots on the leaves, lay off as it's overhydrated.

- Calathea leaves are brown for one of 3 reasons: the water you’re using, it needs more humidity, or it needs more water.

Your shadow plant will throw a tantrum if you try to propagate it, so the best way to do this is to divide the roots in two and repot the separate plants in spring.

Mist regularly

Likes bright indirect light

Use rain or distilled water

Keep the soil constantly moist but make sure it has good drainage

Dust the leaves occasionally with a damp cloth

Can benefit from fertiliser in the spring/summer months

Pet safe

Calathea Triostar 12Ø 40cm

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