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Pot size (diameter): 5.5 cm, Approx Height: 10 cm.

Supplied in a plastic pot.

The Kalanchoe 'Zebra' is a particularly striking succulent plant with bold purple stripes covering it's thick, fleshy leaves.

Colours and pattern can vary from plant to plant depending on maturity and light conditions etc.

As with most succulent plants you can easily propagate them using individual leaves placed on top of compost.

An adorable, easy-care baby plant which would make a great addition to your houseplant collection.


Light: Bright indirect light will promote the best growth. Older plants can withstand direct sunlight.

Water: Only water once the soil is completely dry then give a heavy water.

Food: Not a requirement but if you choose to; use a light cacti fertiliser.

Humidity: Will thrive in a normal home humidity but will also tolerate dry air.

Kalanchoe Zebra

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