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Includes jar with cork lid, stones and moss ball, please add your own water as soon as it arrives. This may arrived really to assemble yourself.

Avoid direct sunlight and place your Moss Balls in a spot with low to medium light levels - this prevents them turning brown and the water heating up. Top up or change the water fully using rain water on cooled water from your kettle if you don’t have any rain water. If algae starts to grow on the side of the tank, refresh the water after cleaning with a brush.

Marimo Moss isn’t really a moss, it is a phenomenon of algae where it grows in a ball shape from the inside out! This naturally grows in fresh water lakes in Scotland, Estonia, Iceland, Japan and Australia.

There is a history of wonder and lore with Marimo Moss balls. The legend goes that two lovers who were forbidden together fell into a lake and their hearts turned into Marimo Moss! So now Marimo is said to bring your heart’s desire to both the giver and recipient of one.

Other names: Cladophora, Moss Ball, Lake Ball, and Cladophora Ball.

7cm diameter x 10cm height.

Glass shape/style may vary slightly.

Marimo moss terrarium/aquarium jar 7cm

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