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Small Green Plants


We are actually more an I, being a one woman team with my plant babies, I'm only slightly bonkers I promise. I do have the amazing support of my family and friends though. I started growing a few years ago. I'd been ill and pretty much housebound for a couple of years, I lost myself and everything about me. But along with my little dog Ruby, My grandad needed me.

I slowly got better and he began to need more and more care with age. A small part of this was to maintain his garden. This was his pride of joy and passion. At the bottom of the garden was a greenhouse that had not been touched in years, amongst everything were some pots that stood out on the shelf taking pride of place. I asked him what they were without saying they are dead or just have soil there now. I think some were actually my grandma's even though she had passed a long time ago.

I decided to water them, then feed them and repot the little dead bits. Which turned out to be dormant. Clearly I had the time and just had a feeling when I should have just gone I will put them in the bin, but I'm so glad I went with my gut. It was slow but exciting to take pictures or bring them in to the house to show him and we could talk about them. I did well, I've only just started crying thinking about it. It wasn't easy, one of them took me years and I won't ever sell that one. It gave me purpose again, helped with my mental health and anxiety after being trapped and shut away so long. Things started to get out of hand and family said you need to start selling them there is so many.

I started at carboots, then moved to an allotment with my grandad's greenhouses after we lost my Grandad. Ive spent a couple of years there until this year when lovely friends found the perfect space for me to move to on a farm. Now Im doing my little business full time, knowing I am doing him proud.

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